Frequently Asked Questions

What is Corporate Housing?

Corporate housing fills in the gap between a nightly type stay at a hotel and a longer-term residential lease.  It offers all the conveniences and privacy of a private home but can be leased for shorter periods of a few weeks to a few months.  The daily cost is usually lower than that of a hotel room in the same city. 

Corporate housing generally includes all housewares and linens and may offer housekeeping services.  All household appliances are included, such as washer, dryer, dishwasher, stove, and microwave.  When leasing an apartment unit you also gain access to all property amenities, such as a resort-style pool, fitness center, outdoor grills, and dog parks.

Who needs Corporate Housing?

Corporate housing serves the needs of persons seeking a comfortable, and private place to stay when traveling for a temporary work assignment, for relocation, or for attending to a family crisis.  FLC Living is uniquely able to assist traveling healthcare professionals by having various housing options within five miles of large healthcare facilities.

How do I find a temporary home in Mobile Alabama?

 Your first step is to contact a local corporate housing provider.  In Mobile, Alabama, that company is FLC Living.  The best source of housing comes from an in-town provider, a local expert, not from a company based in another city you may find from an internet search.  Did you know all the global relocation companies fill corporate housing requests by using FLC Living housing?  Absolutely!  Peel away the layers of middle-men, and save hundreds of dollars by contacting your Mobile, Alabama corporate housing specialist, FLC Living, directly for your “home away from home.”

Who is FLC Living?

FLC Living has housed thousands of individuals for over three decades as a corporate housing provider.  FLC Living is known for its upscale properties, high-end furnishings, and simple, friendly system of short-term leasing. 

What makes FLC Living the best corporate housing solution?

FLC Living simplifies the leasing process by displaying real-time availability and rent rates on its website (FLCLiving.com).  Lease terms and amounts are clearly communicated on a 2-page lease agreement.  Booking corporate housing is quick and you are guaranteed housing for the dates specified on the lease – you get what you need, where you need it, and when you need it.  Its leasing team performs all hospitality services to accommodate guests’ special requests.  It arranges for property repairs, maintains utility accounts, and oversees meticulous cleaning between guests.  FLC Living is invested and engaged in the Gulf Coast community; it supports charitable and business endeavors to help make Mobile a better place